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2 Creativity is to discover a question that has never been asked. If one brings up an idiosyncratic question, the answer he gives will necessarily be unique as well.
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Development of a marketing strategy
Our team develops a comprehensive marketing strategy, including SMM, CONTENT creation, PR, and COMMUNICATION, to promote products or services effectively. This strategy is aimed at achieving specific business objectives, whether it's increasing sales or building brand awareness. We focus on identifying target audiences, understanding their needs and preferences, and determining the most effective ways to communicate and deliver value to them.
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SMM (Social Media Marketing)
Our team creates an involving social marketing strategy that helps to achieve your marketing objectives including connecting with the target audience, building brand awareness and driving traffic to your sources. Our approach consists of a combination of organic and paid strategies such as creating and sharing engaging and viral content, interacting with followers, running targeted advertising campaigns and analyzing performance metrics. All of this will allow your social media to reach a wide audience and achieve your marketing goals.
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Community management
We manage the process of building, engaging, and maintaining a community around a brand in order to increase loyalty and create positive word-of-mouth. It involves facilitating interactions and relationships among community members, moderating discussions, responding to inquiries, organizing events or activities, and cultivating a sense of belonging among community members.The main goal is to strengthen the connection between the brand and its audience, encouraging a sense of community and creating a space where individuals feel valued and engaged.
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Paid Advertising
We create an advertising strategy in order to reach the most relevant audience for your product or service, increasing the chances of engagement and conversion. Our approach aims to maximize the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, minimize costs on irrelevant audiences, and ultimately improve the return on investment. By using various targeting parameters, including age, gender, location, browsing history, online behavior and preferences, we tailor ad campaigns to be more precise and efficient as they are shown to users who are more likely to be receptive and potentially convert into customers.
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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Our team develops a plan aimed at optimizing your website or online content to improve its ranking for relevant search queries and enhance the discoverability of your product. It includes keyword research, on-page optimization, technical optimization, link building and content creation. The main goal is to improve its visibility in search engine results to increase organic (non-paid) traffic to your website by making it more relevant and attractive to search engines.
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Content marketing
We develop a strategic marketing approach to your content in an informative, entertaining or educational way to provide value to your target audience. It includes creating a content plan, analysis, creation and distribution and audience engagement via blog posts, articles, videos, infographics, podcasts and more.The primary goal of content marketing is to build trust, establish credibility and drive profitable customer action.
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Developing of a white paper
We create a detailed and authoritative document that addresses your specific product with the aim of educating, influencing and generating leads from the target audience. These materials include informative content and promotional elements to showcase your company’s expertise and offerings. It often includes: educational content, promotional aspect, lead generation, brand building and assisting potential customers in their decision-making process by offering information and insights that position the company's offerings as viable solutions.
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Consulting and Auditing
Our team provides expert advice and strategic guidance to your project in areas related to marketing or evaluate and optimize existing marketing practices you have. Consulting includes analyzing market trends, consumer behavior, and the competitive landscape to help businesses develop effective marketing strategies and campaigns. Auditing includes comprehensive examination of marketing activities, metrics and outcomes to assess their effectiveness and identify areas for improvement. The main goal is to enhance your overall marketing performance and maximize the return on marketing investments.
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Among thousands, each of our team members was a leading expert in their domain. Now, there are here, fully dedicated to elevating your product to its highest potential.
co-founder, Head of Strategy
co-founder, Head of Business
community Manager
SMM/Content Manager
Web3 Project Manager
We believe that your product is worth everyone to know about it.