This project took place in the advertising network. As soon as my team established regular lead generation, the platform started receiving good volumes of registrations, however, the level of users' top-ups was low.
I created the user onboarding project that increased the number of first deposits 2.5 times.
User Onboarding
Product Marketing
Analytical tools
For security reasons, the team decided not to use SaaS analytics services. So, together with the development team, I created a several statistical and analytical reports: registrations report, including a whole sales funnel, deposits and payments statistics, analytics on user behavior on the platform, statistics and analytics on internal promotional events, as well as ROI and ROMI reports
Lead Generation
Websites Creation
My duties on the websites included creating the structure including USP, setting and coordinating tasks for copywriters and designers, compiling an SRS structure for development, etc.
The increase in the number of registrations was achieved by launching targeting and contextual advertising, cross-promotion, paid and free placements on media platforms, and forums dedicated to the professional activities of our clients. The number of attracted leads rose by 5-10% every month, while the ROMI was constantly growing until it began to show 500-800%.
Increase in registrations
Lead Generation
The Gamification
The gamification tool was created for several purposes at once: to increase the average customer spend, to increase engagement on the platform, and to reduce sales slippage.
Increase in average spending and customer