Marketing Strategy Building
My responsibilities as a marketing team leader included developing the company's marketing strategy, which included increasing brand awareness in the market, the number of users, brand loyalty, average check, user retention on the platform, etc.
Team Coordination
Sprints building, capacity planning, distribution of tasks between team members, forming an understanding of the tasks, following the strategy, team sync-ups holding. Summing up the tasks, financial reporting on the results of the team.
Building a Marketing Team
Full cycle of team building: the formation of the team structure and vacancies, interviews, onboarding, training and internships copywriters, event marketers, PR managers, advertising managers, and product marketing managers.
Team Motivation
Holding sprint retrospective meetings to discuss the team's overall emotional engagement and interest in the tasks. Holding regular 1-to-1 meetings with all team members.
Motivational Plan Development
Due to a fairly rapid increase in the company's staff, it became necessary to improve the corporate culture, as well as to create a motivation program. It included a point-based system of rewarding employees for creating methodical materials, publishing successful case studies, participating in a referral program for recruitment, as well as participating in hackathons and the cultural and corporate life of the company. The points received could be spent on company merchandise, entertainment services certificates, devices, educational programs, and professional development courses.