Mladenova Sofia
Product Marketing team leader, CMO
Product Marketing TL (CMO Deputy) · now - 2021 ·
Strategic Vision & Execution
Formulated and successfully implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy, driving a growth in user acquisition engagement and aligning seamlessly with the company's business goals.

Brand Enhancement & Management
Developed and solidified the brand's identity in a competitive adtech market, achieving brand recognitions and effectively navigating PR challenges.

Global Marketing Campaigns
Spearheaded diverse global campaigns that catered to international audiences (Tier 1, EU, SEA, MENA), annually resulting in a 30% increase in the global user base.

Product Launch Leadership
Played a pivotal role in the launch of 2-3 apps, major tool sets, etc., ensuring their successful positioning in competitive markets and listings on the influencing sources.

Data-Driven Decisions
Leveraged advanced analytics to inform and guide strategic decisions, leading to a steady 180-240% ROI and deeper insights into user behaviors.
SIA Galaksion
International developer of Adtech and MarkTech products, applications, self-service platforms, etc.
Senior Product Marketer · 2021-2020 ·
Oversaw an integrated marketing strategy for the company's adtech offerings in global markets, focusing on three pillars: new users acquisition, deepening loyalty and retention of existing clientele, and bolstering brand awareness in line with pivotal product metrics.

Strategic Ad Campaign Design

Formulated and executed advertising blueprints derived from in-depth analyses of target demographics, market competitors.

End-to-End Campaign Management

Championed the entire continuum of advertising campaigns, encompassing content conception, market launch, ongoing optimization, and strategic scaling.

Insight-Driven Market Navigation

Delved into competitive landscapes, gauged consumer demand, and assimilated feedback data, all of which culminated in refining every touchpoint of the Customer Journey Map (CJM).

Content Creation

Orchestrated the strategic planning, crafting, and dissemination of brand-aligned content across digital landscapes, including social media channels and corporate websites.

Data Analytics & Reporting Oversight

Established a consistent analytical framework, producing regular and insightful reports that facilitated data-informed decision-making and iterative strategy improvements.
Product Marketing Manager · 2020 - 2018 ·
Targeted Market Analysis: Implemented audience segmentation strategies, crafted CJMs, and developed merchandising techniques. Designed and executed promotional campaigns, loyalty programs, and discount structures.

Competitive Landscape Mastery: Routinely conducted comprehensive audits of the competitive landscape to ensure product positioning and marketing strategies remained relevant and advantageous.

SEO and Site Optimization: Spearheaded SEO initiatives, encompassing semantic core development, keyword selection, and SEO-friendly content creation. Authored System Requirement Specifications (SRS) and Terms of Reference (TOR) for the development team, guiding site optimization through internal factors such as link architecture, site mapping, and nesting levels, all while emphasizing commercial considerations.

Analytical Expertise: Demonstrated proficiency in tools like Google Analytics and SEMRUSH. Generated regular reports, monitored critical metrics, and constructed performance funnels to evaluate and iterate on marketing efforts.

Media & Content Strategy: Drafted comprehensive media and content roadmaps for future advertising campaigns, ensuring a coherent and impactful brand message across all platforms.

Digital Advertising Leadership: Managed and optimized online advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Ads, Yandex Direct, and targeted ad services, further extending reach through Instagram and Facebook targeting.

Reputation Management (SERM): Proactively shaped brand perception by cultivating a positive presence on major review platforms, including Google and Yandex.

Social Media Management (SMM): Directed brand narratives on key social platforms, including Instagram and Facebook. Oversaw visual content creation using tools like Photoshop and Lightroom, developed engaging content schedules, and utilized Planoly for streamlined content deployment.
Self-Employed, Freelance projects
Work on several independent E-commerce projects